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Test Kits At Home

Submitted by: Christina Zwiebel
Business Website:
State: Ohio
City: Coldwater

Business Description

Test Kits At Home is an online supplier for instant drug/alcohol tests. All of the tests are CLIA-Waived and FDA-Approved for home/business use, offering a less expensive way for drug testing.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Test Kits is committed to helping people live a healthy lifestyle without substances. With communities all across the United States now struggling against Fentanyl and Heroin addiction, social responsibility is a must. My purpose is to provide businesses with fast, discrete, instant results. I listen to my clients and offer a low cost solution for their drug testing needs. By providing people with a drug-free workplace, this helps keep the drugs out of the community! All of my drug tests are 99.9% accurate and can be administered anywhere, resulting in cost savings by avoiding laboratory testing fees at clinics. With easy of use, my drug test kits are simple, meaning you need no training, special skills, or help from a third party. My onsite drug tests take minutes for results, not days like laboratories. I truly believe that if we all work together, we can make our communities a much better and healthier way of living!
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