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SurgiTech R&D LLC

Submitted by: Brandi Froehlich
Business Website:
State: South Carolina
City: Mt Pleasant

Business Description

Biomedical engineering consulting business to provide medical device companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, etc with expertise in the medical device field for product development and FDA compliance.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

I started my business as a Biomedical Engineering Consultant to assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, medical device companies, and physician inventors. My specialties provide expertise to develop their medical devices, navigate the activities required for a complete product life-cycle - from conception to market release and beyond, design control and documentation, testing activities, ensure that the product and documentation meets FDA regulations, passes FDA audits, and meets the needs of doctors and patients. At local SCBio Conferences and networking events, I’ve met many companies, physicians, and entrepreneurs that repeatedly say that they need my services for their product, and they don’t know of anyone else like me that has my breadth of experience and knowledge. My business has met that need, with added innovation, and helps clients to deliver medical devices to surgeons, doctors, and patients that transform the standard of care and provide better patient care and improved outcomes.
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