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Submitted by: Jimmy Davies
Business Website: http://www.Every.Black
State: North Carolina
City: Durham

Business Description

Every.Black markets, promotes and supports entrepreneurs of African descent through the use of technology and by providing worldwide exposure and networking opportunities.

The following responses will be considered in judging for a SCORE Award.

How has working with a SCORE mentor helped your business?

My SCORE mentors have been very helpful in several ways. They have reassured me that I was on the right track in my approach to marketing my business. They have encouraged me to keep going when things get rough. They have made themselves available in between our regularly scheduled meeting times. They also remind me to keep my eye on the bottom-line and to sell in everything that I do. They have also provided me with ideas and contacts that I may not have made otherwise. As a result, my sales have continued to rise each month and I have gone from one member 7 months ago to over 50 today.

Please describe the specific ways that your business has been successful and how it will grow in the next year.

As of 1/8/18, I have managed 8, weekly radio shows all-revolving around entrepreneurship. I consulted my SCORE mentors and we all agreed that the benefits of taking on the radio shows was worth it because it allows me to market Every.Black to over 340,000 listeners each day. I was also attending other events as a vendor to sell memberships to my sites. My SCORE mentors suggested that I hold my own events. As a result, we are having a 2018 Every.Black Launch Party on February 22, 2018. Over 200 people have already registered to attend. I am also planning an Every.Black Financial Freedom tour to take the message of entrepreneurship on the road to other cities. I will promote entrepreneurship while signing up new members with each event.
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