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Terry Shephard

Submitted by: Terry Shephard
Business Website:
State: Arizona
City: Scottsdale

Business Description

We bring Veterans into the mining industry for high paying careers. We bridge the experience gap between a skilled veteran leaving the service and a person with specific mining industry skills.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

The simple picture attached shows two uniforms; military and mining. We bridge the gap between the two. Everyone agrees that hiring US veterans is laudable - it also makes great business sense. However, veterans are not getting the high paying positions for which they have the skills. U.S. companies say they want to hire veterans but find it difficult to fine the perfect candidate and often they only hire veterans at the lowest experience levels; why is this? Veterans that have vast technical and senior management skills are bypassed because of no industry experience. MineShip and its partners work to make our veterans instant contributors to the mining industries bottom-line. Working with academia, Society of Mining Engineers and the mining related corporations we have developed the framework for veterans to not only get jobs but quality careers. Why is Mineship so important to the community? We give veterans the tools to reach their aspirations.
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