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Submitted by: Carol Vincie
Business Website:
State: New York
City: Poughkeepsie

Business Description

I work with businesses to hire the right people using a series of web based assessment tools. I reduce the stress of hiring and managing existing staff so the owner can focus on growing the business.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Carol Vincie - My Passion is to reduce the stress business owners feel in the hiring and management of existing staff. I believe I am uniquely qualified for this mission. I have an equal amount of time in corporate America and transition thru Venture Capital and as a Serial Entrepreneur. My first book - Get More Done was published in April 2017. I went from idea to published book in 9 months. Get More Done takes the reader thru goal setting directly to scheduled tasks in my ePLUS Planner. Soon to be released is Your Hidden Thief, a collection of horror stories to educate small business owner on the clever employees punching holes in your revenue bucket. Hire Your Opposite, to Build a Strong Team is on the horizon for the end of 2018. This closes the cycle for business owners to be in a position for expansive accelerated growth. Videos of these projects will reach small business owners around the country and around the world
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