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NovoThelium - Nipple regeneration after mastectomy

Submitted by: Bianca Cerqueira
Business Website:
State: Texas
City: San Antonio

Business Description

NovoThelium is developing a tissue-engineered nipple that enables breast cancer survivors to regenerate a real nipple-areola made from their own cells that maintains shape and has natural pigmentation

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Why are we the best small business – every day we are working to improve women’s lives. At NovoThelium we are revolutionizing nipple reconstruction options for women after breast cancer. We are developing a product that enables women to regrow a nipple made from their own cells after mastectomy that maintains shape and may promote natural pigmentation. Coming from a family history of breast cancer, we understand the overlooked problems with current techniques such as flattening and tattoo color fading. As biomedical engineers, we are applying principles of regenerative medicine to address this overlooked issue that plays such an important role in patient recovery and emotional well-being. We are also providing an encouraging and collaborative work environment for women in STEM at all phases of their career, including an internship program for students considering a STEM careers. Please vote for us to support innovations in women’s health!
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