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Intensive Education Academy

Submitted by: Christianna Connery
State: Connecticut
City: West Hartford

Business Description

IEA is a state approved, nonprofit special education facility with a mission to help students aged 5-21 reach their full potential through a nurturing and individualized learning environment.

The following responses will be considered in judging for a SCORE Award.

How has working with a SCORE mentor helped your business?

Working with SCORE helped IEA more clearly define future goals, develop a stronger leadership structure and generally position the organization for greater growth and success in the coming years. Through the guidance of our SCORE mentor, the school determined the top leadership position should be split into two positions, one focusing on the school operations and general vision and the other focusing on academics. In less than a year, the benefits of this structure have been realized.

Please describe the specific ways that your business has been successful and how it will grow in the next year.

In just the last six months, enrollment at IEA has increased 10%. IEA's transition program, which focuses on teaching life skills and providing vocational training to our 18-21 year old students, has expanded to include more job placements and an evolving curriculum. In the next year, we expect this program to continue to grow and become more competitive in the local market. The school has recently purchased a van that in addition to expanding job placement opportunities, will increase community learning opportunities for all students. Additionally, in the next year the school will continue to integrate project-based learning into the curriculum allowing for greater student engagement and increased 21st century skill development.
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