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Highline Coffee Co.

Submitted by: Christie Bruffy
State: Ohio
City: Worthington

Business Description

We are a small, walk-in coffee shop serving espresso beverages and fresh-brewed coffee from a local roaster, locally blended teas, smoothies, hot chocolate and local baked goods.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

I believe that Highline Coffee Co. is one of the best small businesses in our community because of its ongoing support of local artists, schools, charities, churches and the other independent businesses that share our neighborhood. Highline enjoys building partnerships with its neighbors by showcasing their products and services through displays, co- branded merchandise and cross-promotions. We also offer an art space for local artists to display their work at no cost to them. Highline provides two bulletin boards for our customers to leave business cards and flyers for upcoming events. We have donated numerous gift cards and logo items to organizations such as schools and churches to give as prizes at their events or to auction off to meet their fundraising goals. It is through this collaboration that we have seen increased sales growth and strive to create a downtown that is a destination full of great experiences.
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