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The Calico Cupboard

Submitted by: Heidi Hersey
Business Website:
State: Idaho
City: King Hil

Business Description

A unique consignment store that specializes in antiques and promoting local crafters and artisans. We carry anything from a century old rocking chair to hand hitched horsehair key chains.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Started by "three crazy ladies", The Calico Cupboard is a consignment boutique that serves the community of Glenns Ferry, Idaho.A small town that has fallen on hard times, Glenns Ferry needed a place for tourists, visitors and local people to shop for unique and handcrafted items. The Calico Cupboard is the only business that provides that shopping experience in the area. But even more important, The Calico Cupboard provides an outlet for all the creative artisans in the area. Local individuals have a place which allows them to display and sell their hand crafted wares. We have wood workers, metallurgists, quilters, knitters, and crocheters, re-purposed furniture, as well as, vintage and antique collectibles. All of our items are on our website. Drop in for a cup of tea and spend some time in the midst of our "craziness". It is so much more than just a store! It is an experience!
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