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Organic Gurlz Gardens LLC

Submitted by: B Behn
State: Indiana
City: Angola

Business Description

OGG Indoor Farms Innovative game changing. Produces high quality organic produce better nutrition with longer shelf life. Uses 75% less energy and a highly scalable business model

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Organic Gurlz Gardens takes a 21st century approach to agriculture. Our philosophy focuses on food production through biodiversity, maintaining an ecological balance, and fresh food sustainability. We developed a cutting edge and innovative approach to the traditional farming practice. Our out-of-soil growing methods produce food year round, in an indoor controlled environment. Our produce is organic, the product is healthier, as it is non GMO and sustains a longer shelf life. How does our process compare to traditional outdoor growing? Organic Gurlz Gardens utilizes less water and energy; the germination period is shorter & carbon footprint is much smaller. Our indoor output is substantially higher than farming methods exercising the same space outdoors. OGG is in a unique position. Our goal is to continue impact our rural community providing technical employment & contribute well being mind set
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