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Airman inc

Submitted by: David Durham
Business Website:
State: Arizona
City: Scottsdale

Business Description

Airman Inc.'s AirWedge II allows passing of an 18 wheeler FREE of massive road spray of your windshield and provides the trucker 11.9% miles per gallon AVERAGE increase point-to-point.

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Airman Inc. has demonstrated road spray control to increase safety when passing an 18 wheeler, a miles per gallon average increase of 11.9% point-to-point for the trucker, and a significant decrease in carbon emissions through the miles per gallon increase. The results will be substantiated by computational fluid dynamics to the EPA generating significant industry interest. With a 100% return on investment in less than 6 months and a money back guarantee, truckers will purchase for the no-risk, impressive mpg increases, increased visibility down the sides of the trailer, and trailer stability.
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