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Taos Bee Flower Company LLC

Submitted by: Moira O'hanlon
Business Website:
State: New Mexico
City: Arroyo Seco

Business Description

Taos Bee is a bee based skin care line, from hive to skin! I am a beekeeper who uses the amazing products that my bees make for my handcrafted, non-chemical, superfood containing skin care.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Taos Bee is the best small business in Taos. I represent the local, natural, beauty of Taos in my products that are handcrafted right here from the 25 hives to the finished products. Taos Bee not only provides free pollination for the local farmers in my area, and uses the natural, chemical free produce from the bees to hydrate and heal the skin of all who use Taos Bee.
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