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Synergy Yoga Studio

Submitted by: Robin Ashworth
State: Virginia
City: Richmond

Business Description

Synergy Yoga is a boutique hatha studio offering beginner through advanced classes.We are an RYS emphasizing quality yoga education & small class size. All ages, all levels of ability. Safety first.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

I feel this photo reflects what is best about Synergy: diversity, community and camaraderie. While this is from our men's class, it shows what is true about our community of practice as a whole: a wide range of ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and experience. Synergy is a happy place, but also a center for serious education, self-study, and interconnectivity. We practice karma yoga and seek to make our larger community better, while supporting folks on an individual level. Our space is welcoming, serene, and non-competitive. We seek growth opportunities, and opportunities for partnership with other businesses & charities. We offer yoga to special needs folks, and have plans to offer classes in Spanish. We are true to our mission, and to yogic traditions. We endeavor to live what we teach. This makes Synergy a wonderful, meaningful place where people feel connected, get healthier, become happier, live better. We believe these things make us one of the best small businesses anywhere.
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