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Long & Scott Farms, Inc

Submitted by: Frank D Scott Iii
State: Florida

Business Description

We are a family owned and operated bio-friendly and organic produce farm. Along with growing Zellwood Sweet Corn and other crops, we host farm tours, maze adventures, a new fresh cut room, and market.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

For the Scott family, farming is a 4th generation tradition. Frank moved to Florida in 1963 with only $5000 and 100 acres bringing along his family of five. Fast forward to now, Frank’s son Hank now runs the farm and his grandson manages it. They strive to help the community by working with Second Harvest Food Bank to supply surplus produce. Instilling knowledge to the younger generation is one of the top priorities. Frank's daughter and granddaughter are the Agritourism managers. Visits to our farm provide fun and education for all ages. The family takes pride in their history and continually conquers new horizons to protect the land they have nurtured for over half a century. In adapting with the times, they have added a fresh cut room where they will be able to chop and shred local grown produce before shipping it out. This has created 10 more jobs, and added to the sustainability of the farm. Their goal is to feed their families and the local community for many years to come.
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