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Lost Ladybug Rescue

Submitted by: Rebecca Smyth
Business Website:
State: New York
City: Ithaca

Business Description

Lost Ladybug Rescue aims to bring an endangered native lady beetle species back from the brink of extinction through breeding and selling of ladybug larvae and educational rearing kits.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Lost Ladybug Rescue gives gardeners, environmentalists and educators a unique opportunity to help save an endangered native ladybug. The ninespotted ladybug once played a valuable role in balancing agricultural and natural ecosystems across North America but has recently become extremely rare. This is also the New York State insect! While organic gardeners release our ninespotted ladybugs to help control pests, they are boosting the population of this now endangered native at the same time. When student groups care for their true-to-life rearing kits, they are learning about insect life cycles, ecology and conservation. When they release their adult ladybugs, they are also helping to reintroduce this rare native. For years, over 7000 citizen scientists have supported the research of the Lost Ladybug Project. Now this community can join the mission of trying to save the ninespotted ladybug. Our greatest business success has been generating enthusiasm in our customer base.
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