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To The Stage

Submitted by: Courtney Koehle
Business Website:
State: New York
City: Oceanside

Business Description

A musical theater school for students ages 3-18.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

The mission of To The Stage is to expose students to musical theater performance. Students learn to sing, act, and dance, while gaining confidence in themselves, in a supportive, fun environment. The ultimate goal is to build the student's self esteem and public speaking skills, while fostering creativity/group dynamics. There have been so many studies out about how exposing children at a young age to theater and the arts help them explore creativity/collaboration with peers, develop confidence and problem-solving/communication skills, a sense of focus, and enhanced memory skills. With so much focus in the schools on testing, it's so important for students to be exposed to the arts. My program is not about becoming a star or just succeeding on Broadway, it is about making my students better people and giving them a positive starting point to succeed in whatever they choose to do.
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