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Mountain Home

Submitted by: Leann Moses
State: Wyoming
City: Powder River

Business Description

I make custom and ready to sell quilts, made with beautiful and luxuriously soft minky fabric.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Started in 2010, Mountain Home (MH) offers custom and ready to sell minky quilts. This one woman business literally started on a Wyoming mountain top, in an eco-friendly, off-grid home, 40 miles from the nearest post office, and 90 miles from a city. Starting a small business in WY is much like the state's weather and terrain, difficult, harsh, and unpredictable. Like one of our state's hardy wildflowers, the business has grown, from serving family and friends, to providing quality, luxurious quilts locally and nationally. MH strives to combine quality workmanship and materials to produce a truely exceptional product. We work closely with customers to select fabrics and design to make a truely unique and meaningful quilt. MH also gives back. Custom fabrics are sourced from independent designers and MH has made numerous donations to state and local non profits and community service organization over the years.
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