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Lamborn Farm LLC

Submitted by: Joseph Lamborn
Business Website:
State: Kansas
City: Leavenworth

Business Description

Fifth generation, family owned and operated farm since 1877. In 2012, we restored our early 1900's barn and began hosting weddings and events. We also have a pumpkin patch in the fall.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

140 years ago, my great grandfather bought the farm we are on now with the hope of providing for his growing family and we still carry on that ambition today. Although we have evolved through time, our values are the same, to provide and serve the community around us. 100 years ago that meant running a dairy farm, today that means education of the past and providing fun for families in the fall. We are active in the community, donating to local charities including Kansas Barn Alliance, Operation Wildlife, Alzheimer's Assoc., and several local schools. Since we are an event venue, business within our community benefit from our customers patronizing their businesses. The farm is listed on the Kansas and National Register of Historic Places. We are excited to share our farm with families in the fall and couples starting their new lives together. We are dedicated to preserving the past, which propels us towards the future, never forgetting where we came from or who got us there.
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