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Breezy Quarters

Submitted by: Paige Bowser
Business Website:
State: South Carolina
City: Abbeville

Business Description

Breezy Quarters is an artisan cosmetics company. We hand craft all of our products from scratch using great, natural base oils, paired with chemistry and science to create a great performing product.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Being in business is being a part of the community, and in Abbeville, it takes a village.  My business is a result of community involvement (i.e.) my family in the community, as well as my community being involved in my business.  We started at the farmers market, online, craft shows, and people coming to my house (to pick up products) before we opened the store. As a result, we have worked on several exciting projects in the past few years.  Recently, The Abbeville Marching Band, needing money for their competition season, held a candle sale. We shared the entire process, as they took part in making and packing the products in addition to sale and delivery. We have also helped with awareness and restoration efforts of the Trinity church.  An active member of the Merchant's Association, we work with other small business owners on events to bring people into the Historic Abbeville Square. We have a great partnership with the Belmont Inn and Lowes Foods who carry several of our products.
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