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Ruth's Mustard

Submitted by: Laurel Smith
Business Website:
State: New Hampshire
City: Charlestown

Business Description

Ruth’s Mustard is a family owned and operated company. Our products are gluten-free and flavorful made in Meredith, NH. Each has a distinct and delicious flavor to satisfy your taste buds.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Ruth’s Mustard has been in my home since I can remember. Ruth was my grandmother and our Original Mustard was her recipe. In 2012 we decided to make a batch in a Commercial Kitchen to see how it would sell. Our run of 250 jars sold out in two months. Success! We since have developed nine flavors of Ruth’s Mustard. She taught me, “If you have it, share it.” In her honor, the Ruth’s Mustard Company pledges to give 10% of its profits to “feed the need of others”. Over the five years we’ve been in business we’ve donated to local homeless shelters, organizations involved with helping sick children, to name just a few. We’ve watched our business grow and have been blessed to have our family help sell or deliver our products. Our business has grown from being in just a handful of stores within a 30 mile radius to many stores statewide. Were we fortunate to win; we would use the money to purchase a company vehicle to expand our territory.
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