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Revolution Performing Arts

Submitted by: Katelyn Jackson
Business Website:
State: Massachusetts
City: Raynham

Business Description

We provide dance education in Raynham Massachusetts. Many of our customers have children with developmental disabilities/face financial hardships. We do everything that we can to "scholarship" them

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

We LOVE all the students that come to us. They are all truly our family. Our entire staff are certified instructors which helps us to handle all the special cases that have come our way. We have private lessons and classes for children and adults with developmental disabilities. These classes are the highlight of their week. We also have many families that face financial difficulties and we do everything that we can to not have that disrupt the children. we place them on "scholarship" and often donate our time. we are in business to make money but our students are truly why we're here. we could just use some financial help to keep offering these free classes.
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