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Shade E Sistas

Submitted by: Mona Ramsey
Business Website:
State: Indiana
City: Indianapolis

Business Description

Couture eyewear with empowering names and gorgeous frames that are sold to make women feel Shade E.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Shade E Sistas was created to give women an extra "push" in the confidence department. Our goal was to make sure that our customers didn't look like everyone else, nor spend tons for high quality and couture style. We also want women to feel like "everyday" is THEIR day and no matter the problems facing them, our shades would hide them from the stress. We know that we're ambitious to believe that, but we're will to take our chances. Heck, if women can deliver babies, surely they can deliver spunk.....power.....creativity......and excellence along the way.
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