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Stacked Consignment LLC

Submitted by: Michele Starbeck
State: Minnesota

Business Description

We are a plus-size exclusive consignment shop! We cater to women in our area that wear a size 14/xl and up! We are serving a beautiful group of women that are often overlooked and under represented!

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Although we may not be the store for EVERYONE, we are definitely the store for every woman who struggles to find an affordable place to shop due to her size. We are the place that she can shop,chat and feel included- she knows that we understand her struggle. It is so empowering everyday to watch women, who are often times quite nasty to each other, leave everything but positivity at the door. Somehow, when people walk in to Stacked, it's like they know each other. They are complimenting, loving on, supporting and uplifting every other woman in the store. It's amazing to feel like you have found a place to shop where everyone "gets it"-the struggle of being curvy. And to have 2000+ items to choose from, in your size, in your budget! 95% of our merchandise is consignment- which means we are saving the environment from all of that ending up in landfills, while supporting women in our community by selling their items for them and giving them a fun payday as well!
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