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Lady Tee Boutique

Submitted by: Tyshia Seldon
Business Website:
State: Colorado
City: Denver

Business Description

Online women's boutique encouraging women to embrace their beauty and be unique to self

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

What makes my business one of the best small businesses in my community is simply that I'm on a mission to do more than just provide women with clothing. Lady tee boutique is an internet based women's boutique that is devoted to empowering women and young ladies to always feel very prettie no matter their shape, size, or ethnicity. To little in today's society women are slandered for the way they look especially women of color. I simply want to instill into my customers that no matter what people might say about them from afar they must see the beauty within themselves and celebrate it! Beyond clothing, I aspire to launch a non profit to help young women in my community gain the skills and resources they need to succeed. Such resources as entrepreneurship training's, finance seminars, self care and self love seminars, as well as investing. These are crucial things that growing up, I wish I had the opportunity to partake in. I Believe its my duty to help other women succeed.
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