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The Finishing Touch Florist

Submitted by: Holly Milburn
State: Illinois
City: Crete

Business Description

Full service florist, specializing in weddings, dance flowers and floral designs for everyday. Owned and operated since 1978 by 4 generations of women from the same family.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

The Best Small Business in Crete, those are big shoes to fill. If not the best, we sure have a great time trying! We measure the joys of doing business by the friends we’ve made & the bonds that we forged. Attending a community event & being recognized by young people whose paths we cross is priceless. Hearing a child whisper to their parents “that’s the flower lady that came to our class” or “Hi Mimi” (as they call my mother), being recognized by an 8yr old carries a lot of weight! Running a business, large or small, has the same set of fiduciary responsibilities & commitments, but the little guy will always have the community’s best interest at heart. Giving back & paying it forward aren’t cliche, it’s who we are. I’m not sure if my Grandmother knew how much the business would grow, or that we would last 40 years, or that her Great Granddaughter would carry on her legacy, but I’m sure she’s proud of her girls, the women we’ve turned into and the accomplishments that we’ve made.
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