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Women on Adventures

Submitted by: Jenny Zink
State: Arizona
City: Phoenix

Business Description

We help women get out of their comfort zone by offering new experiences through adventure.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

I don't know if my business is the best. In fact, I wouldn't say that it is, but I would say that it is pretty awesome. What does make my business amazing is not my business, it's all of the women who have accepted the challenge to step out of their comfort zones and try something new. They are the individuals who strapped themselves into a harness and climbed up a 60 foot tree to walk across a tiny rope just to say that they did it. They are the women who joined a group of strangers to go on their very first camping trip. They are the women who said why not to circus school. They are the women who did stand up paddleboarding for the first time and found their passion. They are the women who despite feeling super self conscious in leggings went to their first yoga class. So is my business the best of the best? Maybe not, but I am so proud of the opportunities I'm providing for women, and so very proud of every one of them who stepped out of their comfort zones.

The following responses will be considered in judging for a SCORE Award.

How has working with a SCORE mentor helped your business?

I first met with the SCORE mentor when my business was just starting. They were so supportive and encouraged me to do a franchise. I haven't done it yet but am in the process of developing that option.

Please describe the specific ways that your business has been successful and how it will grow in the next year.

It has been successful at growing a community of women and I look to grow my revenue streams next.
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