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The Safari Collective

Submitted by: Sarah Lopes
State: Connecticut
City: New Milford

Business Description

A shop of fair trade and handmade goods, supporting the hard work and dreams of American artisans by bringing ethically-made home goods, jewelry, clothing and apothecary to the public.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

The Safari Collective is a shop of handmade goods, all created with the hard-working hands of small American artisans. This business was born out of a desire to feel connected to the objects we surround ourselves with. We believe there is a new kind of consumer in our world today - the one who craves passion and seeks meaning - and our business caters to this new shopping experience. We also believe that there is a new kind of worker in today's world - the one who craves to do good by their work, to work hard to make something truly unique and beautiful. By collaborating with passionate artisans and bringing their creations to the forefront, we are selling items that are the result of hard work, calloused hands, late night tears and long-awaited dreams. By learning the story behind the products we invest in, we are participating in smart buying, a practice that supports sustainable and ethical production and values the handmade.
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