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Submitted by: Missouri Eddings
State: New Jersey

Business Description

Styletainment is a theatrical production company that produces extraordinary performances that fuse the arts of Style and Entertainment from a unique point of view.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Shortly after 911 Carnegie Hall gave a fundraiser event and it was sold out 24 hours, why? Because even in the saddest times people want to be entertained. Styletainment Productions offers luxe fashion entertainment from a unique point of view. Our performers are multi-cultural and talented. Not only do we provide opportunities for young women and men to share their gifts we also use our platform to bring awareness to the desperate needs to support homeless women with cancer. Our production company is built on faith, perseverance, self determination and a little girl who dared to dream and held on to her dreams, regardless of how it looked, felt, who left or stayed and learned... Never give up on you!!!
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