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Submitted by: Kimberly Ferrara
Business Website:
State: Massachusetts
City: Somerset

Business Description

BeHumanU is a professional development company that teaches individuals how to own, operate and sustain an inclusive fitness/movement business for individuals of all ages, all abilities.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

After successfully opening and running a studio myself for over 5 years ( & helping thousands of children, teens and adults of all ability levels live active, healthy and happy lives, I wanted to teach others how they could have this same success in their communities. I developed a 6 month training program that is done on a virtual platform and offers optional live retreat training at my studio. I teach a total of 14 modules that include my secret recipe to inclusive teaching. I launched this business in January 2017. I am currently training my 5th client. The first four are doing amazing things in many different states and helping change the way we deliver fun, safe exercise that not only helps those with adversity grow physically, but socially and emotionally as well. My program teaches everything from business plans to creating content for a brick and mortar location or a satellite program that travels to different class sites.
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