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Frosted Studio 73

Submitted by: Jana Allen
Business Website:
State: Massachusetts
City: Springfield

Business Description

This is a 4 in 1 model bakery that will service the community via baked goods, on site teaching, retail shop for local bakers and online web series for the new and seasoned bakers.

What makes your business one of the best small businesses in your community?

Frosted Studio 73 is the best small business in my community as there are no other bakeries in this area that have added to this industry as a whole. I want to do things better than what is already out there. For example; we have 1 retail shop that has been here forever & they have yet to offer cutting edge products for the local baker. With the constant changes/demands in the baking industry FS73 will position itself to meet the needs of both: the old & new school baker with products that are in now. I want our local bakers to be relevant and able to compete with major cities. I will also offer both kid friendly cakes/sweets & treats & alcohol infused products for adults like; my Bourbon Black Velvet cake and my Hennessy Popcorn. While for most people that would be enough it's not for me. I want to reach everyone so I will also offer onsite training's and online teaching lessons for students who do not live near me. FS73 is something new, fresh & exciting that this area needs.
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