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Emma Lyn Designs

Submitted by: Emma Kozlowski
Business Website:
State: Connecticut
City: Bethel

Business Description

Emma Lyn is a line of custom handmade accessories such as clutches and key fobs that can be personalized.

How does your business make a positive impact on the community?

I am lucky to be a part of a very small and special community in Connecticut. Since starting my business, I have been able to give back to my community by raising money for a charity, The SCOTTY Fund. This charity provides support to families of children with life- threatening illnesses. Through the sales of designated products, I have been able to donate a portion of the sales to The SCOTTY Fund. This donation goes directly to families in need. I plan to continue donating a portion of my proceeds of my charity patterns in 2017 to continue making a positive impact on my community.

What would you do with a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card, training, and help from a SCORE mentor to grow your business?

One of my goals for 2017 is to improve the customer’s experience on my website. In order to do this, I need to improve the quality of my photos. A new camera and computer from Sam's club would allow me to take high quality photos of all of my products and edit them. I would like to provide my customers with detailed photos of each and every product. I currently receive training from a SCORE mentor and it has been very beneficial in growing my business. I plan to continue to work with my mentor in the area of marketing and growing my customer base.

The following responses will be considered in judging for a SCORE Award.

How has working with a SCORE mentor helped your business?

Working with my SCORE mentor has helped my business tremendously. I am in contact with my mentor multiple times a year. My mentor specializes in marketing and has helped me determine my target audience. She has guided me in improving my website, growing my audience, and developing my reach out strategy for contacting blogs and magazines. It is very beneficial to have somebody to bounce ideas off of and get professional feedback from. My mentor has helped me organize and refine my marketing ideas in order for my campaigns to be the most effective. I look forward to continuing to work with my mentor in 2017.

Have you had to overcome any obstacles along the way to build your business?

One of the greatest challenges of building my business has been growing my audience. In the beginning, it was very challenging to grow my customer base beyond my friends and family. With help from my mentor, I have been able to target different customers all over the country and increase my exposure. I am still working on developing new ways to reach new customers through social media, referral programs and collaborations. Growing my audience will continue to be an area that I always working to improve.

How will you utilize the marketing video and national recognition of winning a SCORE Award to help take your business to the next level?

Winning a SCORE award and being featured in the marketing video will help take my business to the next level and achieve many of my business goals. The number one goal of my business has always been to improve the customer experience on my website. By winning a SCORE award, I will be able to develop a more sophisticated website so that my customers can visually design their custom products right on the website. Winning this award will also will help me reach my goal of increasing my audience and engaging with my customers on social media. With a larger audience and increased sales I will be able achieve another goal of increasing my charitable contributes to a local non-profit that my business supports. Winning a SCORE award will not only b
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