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GloveStix LLC

Submitted by: Krista Woods
Business Website:
State: Virginia
City: Ashburn

Business Description

GloveStix are a mom-invented patent pending odor management solution designed to eliminate odors, absorb moisture, deodorize and inhibit 99.9% of dangerous odor causing bacteria in athletic gear.

What one unique aspect of your business will make you succeed over the next year?

GloveStix will deodorize athletic gloves, shoes, boots and skates. They also work in arm pads, kneepads, spin shoes, dance shoes and more! They are portable and easy to use. By simply placing the antimicrobial stix in the gear after use they will inhibit 99.9% of harmful odor-causing bacteria in 24 hours. The inside of the stix have replaceable moisture absorbing and deodorizing bags that will help the gear smell better while drying it. The GloveStix attack the odor on 3 levels…something no other product in the market does. That’s why they work! The solution used in GloveStix is EPA registered, FDA listed and REACH compliant and it is all natural, non toxic and chemical free. GloveStix are truly the safe alternative to the harsh chemical sprays that parents often resort to. My invention is unique; besides inhibiting bacteria, which has been a long-term problem, the kids actually WANT them! Who would have thought the stink bugged them too… but oh yes, yes it does. It was important to me and the products success that it was appealing to the athletes. I needed them to be “cool”. I added flare, a paracord bracelet handle and fun colors. In April of 2016 I was nominated by NBC’s Today Show to have the opportunity to present GloveStix LIVE to America. That resulted in me winning their contest called “The Next Big Thing”, which sent me to QVC to sell LIVE, and I sold out, 5,000 units in 7 1/2 minutes! Its time to deliver a positive message to mom entrepreneurs everywhere.

How does your business make a positive impact on the community?

Since I started this last year my focus has always been people,not product. I am working with selected teens and teaching them about small business. I have sponsored and participated in the DECA programs at several local High schools. I currently am building an “Army of Moms” to help give back to other woman entrepreneurs who want to know what it really takes to run your own small business. I am a firm believer of building others up along the way, that is where the real victory lies. It’s that transformation from success to significance. I am on a mission is to do just that… be significant. In my first year of a self-funded small business I still found opportunities to help others and donated over $7,000 this past year to non profits.

What would you do with a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card, training, and help from a SCORE mentor to grow your business?

I am putting together a program to put other woman to work by helping me market and grow GloveStix. I want to reach out to other moms, who like me, have so much ability and passion but also love being a mom. I would use the money to help fund this marketing initiative so that I can find the right people to hire all over the Country. Prior to inventing GloveStix, I had no experience in product manufacturing, distribution, ecommerce or really any aspect of a business like this. I have had to teach myself everything and have built my business, hands on, every step of the way from the ground up.I know the SCORE mentors would be a huge asset to help me… take that next step to help other woman.
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