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SVJ Creative Designs

Submitted by: Shelly Speedling
State: Minnesota
City: Kellogg

Business Description

SVJ Creative Designs create over 2,000 different concrete statues. Some statues are displayed in city park, at fire or police departments, Legions, schools, businesses or in residential yards.

What one unique aspect of your business will make you succeed over the next year?

We at SVJ Creative Designs, Minnesota's largest concrete statuary producer, value what our customers want in a statue. Our customer may be the CEO of a large corporation planning a big hero memorial project in their city or parents who have just lost a newborn and looking for a statue at the grave site. All customers are treated with high respect and we want to create the best statue for them in whatever situation. By listening to the customers, our statue inventory grows to what they want, whether it be a life size fireman, a gargoyle fountain, perhaps an angel or a life size grizzly bear! We love coming to work each day and never know who we will be dealing with. We are a small business, pleasing people by hand crafting each USA made statue. Although it is a longer process, we are also able to custom make molds. All pouring, taking out of the mold, hand smoothing and painting are done on site here in Kellogg, Minnesota and customers are also welcome to stop by.

How does your business make a positive impact on the community?

SVJ Creative Designs has life size statues in many parks within towns in the United States. We have worked with numerous boards on fire departments, legions, police departments, schools and have successfully created what they want in their town. In these towns, each year many have dedications around Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day to honor their heroes. Residents come together during these times and share laughter and tears with each other. Our statues give pride to those that see them. We have many, many references. Our statues bring out the good side of people. The people on these boards choose our statues not only because of the quality we produce, but because we here are open to giving them references on past jobs.

What would you do with a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card, training, and help from a SCORE mentor to grow your business?

SVJ Creative Designs would use the gift card, training and mentor to advance our business more technologically. We only have one desk top computer and one old laptop. We would also look into 3 D printer capability. We would also like to create more hero statues, such as a female police officer and also each branch of the military that we haven't created yet. We would talk to the SCORE mentor for more guidance in marketing our statues nationwide.
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