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Arthlin Jewelry LLC

Submitted by: Lincey Viel
Business Website:
State: Maine
City: Auburn

Business Description

Arthlin Jewelry LLC offers creative artisan jewelry: fashion, bridal and fun costume pieces. We’re known for our extensive choker collection and our specialty lace pieces.

What one unique aspect of your business will make you succeed over the next year?

We’re a small operation that was quickly noticed by the fashion industry: we were still based out of a living room when we caught the attention of Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour and Redbook magazines. And then Kendall Jenner wore one of our pieces and featured it on her website next to a Givenchy sweater. This was the beginning of serious growth for Arthlin. It’s our belief that our creativity and ever-growing design offerings will continue to make us stand out, along with the superior quality of our products. It’s so exciting to think about what we could accomplish with more visibility and resources.

How does your business make a positive impact on the community?

Arthlin aims to create jobs with flexible schedules and the possibility to work some hours from home – which is convenient for people with tight schedules like moms and students. We have a friendly and ergonomic work environment at the studio. Everything we create - the cute bow ties for women, the everyday leather necklaces, the glamorous sparkly lace bibs… EVERYTHING - is handcrafted with care and pride right here in Maine. Up to 95% of our materials and packaging are sourced in the USA as well. Furthermore, the current setting of the home studio allows us to foster dogs for a local rescue a few times a year. Puppy snuggles during break time, anyone?

What would you do with a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card, training, and help from a SCORE mentor to grow your business?

2017 is all about scaling our production and this generous prize would allow us to set up a third work station for our next hire and to stock up on shipping supplies. And, continuing to work with our SCORE mentor, to guide us along the way, will help make sure we remain on track to achieve our goals.

The following responses will be considered in judging for a SCORE Award.

How has working with a SCORE mentor helped your business?

Working with a SCORE mentor has been incredibly helpful. With his help, Arthlin transitioned from a "sole-proprietor who can't do it all on her own anymore", to a growing LLC with an employee. Together, we set up a strong base to build the business on. I was taught to use various spreadsheets, for example one for cash flow and one to calculate each design's profitability. Last but not the least, my mentor has boosted my self-confidence as a business woman.

Have you had to overcome any obstacles along the way to build your business?

Oh absolutely... Imagine the look on my relatives' faces when I explained that I was quitting my microbiologist career plan to start a jewelry business. And then you have to get found. And hope that people will love your products and leave good reviews. And life happens and can complicate things along the way. For me, it was having a baby and my husband's deployment. But in the end it's all SO worth it. There's nothing like the freedom and possibilities of entrepreneurship!

How will you utilize the marketing video and national recognition of winning a SCORE Award to help take your business to the next level?

This would be an incredible marketing opportunity. The platforms that we sell on (Amazon, Etsy and all have a space to upload a video to present your business to potential customers. We currently don't have the means to create a video that looks professional so we've held off uploading anything. I think it would have a direct impact on sales if customers got to know Arthlin and our crafting processes better. Additionally, we would promote the video with Facebook ads to get the word out. Thank you for your consideration!
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