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Metro Merchant Services

Submitted by: Mark Landis
State: Delaware
City: Delaware City

Business Description

We offer merchants the ability to process electronic payments such as credit cards and electronic checks while helping to reduce their costs associated with processing. One-stop shop.

What one unique aspect of your business will make you succeed over the next year?

Our industry has become very commoditized--we call it the ‘race to the bottom". Our competition cut pricing to an extremely low margin which made it difficult for the smaller ISO's to survive. With this being the case, Metro became innovative and creative by offering additional value added products/services to help give us more of a "stickiness" with our merchants. We also promoted our IronClad Guarantee. We had thousands of copies printed on quality thick stock and mailed it to our customers letting them know that if our competition offered them better rates than what they were getting, that we would meet or beat it. This significantly helped with retention. We asked them to keep it by their registers as a reminder. We expanded our referral partner program where our merchants could refer business to us and earn revenue based on the profitability of the accounts. What better testimonial than having your existing merchants refer business. Metro also prides itself in creating and maintaining a healthy environment for our employees. We know that our business can be very stressful so we do various activities to help show our team that we appreciate them. We are blessed to have a team that values our customer service model, are dedicated to providing the best possible service they can to our merchants and more importantly they build relationships with our merchants. This is truly the key to our success!

How does your business make a positive impact on the community?

Metro has a heart for the non-profit organizations both locally and nationally. We attend many non-profit events that are held by our merchants as well as donate financially. We have a free terminal program that we offer to non-profits as well as provide wireless terminals at a nominal cost for their special events.we attend and financially support many of the events held in the area. We also support the local fire company. We have discussed promoting a specific cause in our marketing; however, we support so many different organizations in various ways it didn't seem appropriate for us to single any particular one out. We are a very benevolent company that supports many organizations. The community appreciates our support.

What would you do with a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card, training, and help from a SCORE mentor to grow your business?

We would donate the $1000 gift card to a local organization who could use the card to benefit their organization. There are so many non-profits who need the financial support of the community. We would welcome the opportunity to work a SCORE mentor who could objectively look at our marketing strategies, our website and marketing materials and offer creative insight into how we can increase our presence in our community and industry. Getting outside advice from a non-bias source is healthy for any business. As an owner of the company, I value the suggestions, criticisms, and consultative advice that would benefit my company as well as my employees. A successful leader surrounds themselves with others who can compliment their skills.
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