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Nosey Dogs Detection Services

Submitted by: Amanda Schneider
State: Nevada
City: Las Vegas

Business Description

We provide private residential, commercial, and industrial Narcotic Detection sweeps with K9’s. Our goal is give our customers the comfort of knowing that their properties and loved ones are drug-free

What one unique aspect of your business will make you succeed over the next year?

I was personally affected by a loved one that was addicted to heroin; I watched the drug take hold on his life and tear him to pieces. Addiction single handedly destroyed our families, our friends, and our lives. There was no services in Nevada available to help search my home and prove if my worries were real about him being on drugs or hiding them in our home. I created Nosey Dogs to provide a solution for this. My company is so unique because Nosey Dogs is the only residential Narcotics Detection company available in Nevada. I want to save lives and help the families that could use my services to stop addiction before it happens or prevent it from returning. My business was created out of love. I work day in and day out to help families who need answers and are not sure where to look. I've been where they are; I know the pain, the suffering, and the sadness they're going through. This is the reason I will succeed, I will not stop until I can save every life that I am given the honor of helping. Since we are the first business of this nature in Nevada, I am driven to show as many people as possible that we exist.

How does your business make a positive impact on the community?

There is a drug epidemic ripping through our community, harming learning environments in schools, and tearing apart families. Nosey Dogs main goal is to prevent this from happening and stop this epidemic in its tracks. Our business helps school staff not only find drugs, but we're a huge deterrent from students bringing drugs into the environment. This creates a safe learning space and will help better our next generations future. We also provide residential searches to create safe living spaces for families, recovering addicts, and parents worried about their family members who may be hiding drugs. If we can help save even one family, our business is successful.

What would you do with a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card, training, and help from a SCORE mentor to grow your business?

I would use the Sam's Club gift card to buy new tennis balls and supplies for our dogs. They go through 50+ balls a month just during our training sessions. I would also use this to purchase other training and dog supplies including food, dog beds, leashes, collars, treats and many other things that make our dogs happy. I would use the advise and help from a SCORE mentor to grow my business by learning more about adveritising and marketing. Since our business is the first and only company to offer drug detection privately in our state, it has been a challenge for us to spread the word to make people aware that our services exist. I would appreciate any and all advice that is offered from a SCORE mentor on how to grow my business.
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